Frequently Asked Questions

Central Heating and equipment manufacturers recommend getting your system serviced twice a year. Once for the furnace and once for the air conditioner. If your system is still under parts or labor warranty this is a requirement both from the manufacturer and Central Heating.

Well maintained equipment is more efficient, requires fewer repairs, lasts longer, and provides better comfort and peace of mind.

Central Heating provides a maintenance program to help you save money and comes with a semi-annual reminder so you won’t have to worry about remembering when to service your equipment.

This depends on location, such as dusty roads, near construction or farming. The number of children and pets in the home is also a factor.

During the most extreme months of the year such as December, January, and February we recommend changing your filter once a month if you are using 1” filters. They can last longer during more mild temperatures, but don’t forget that your blower is running when your air conditioner is on, so you should also be changing your filter during the summer.

If you are using 4” or 5” filters, they should be checked at 6 months, but can last as long as 12 months. If you run your furnace fan continuously you’ll need to change your filter more often.

We offer free estimates in Yellowstone County and some surrounding areas for furnace and air conditioner installation.

If you have a system that needs a repair, we do charge a diagnostic fee to come to your house and diagnose what is wrong with your system.

Once we have determined what is wrong we will give you an estimate for repairs.

Generally speaking, no. If you have been doing a good job of keeping your filter clean and are using a quality filter with a quality filter rack, duct cleaning is not something that you need done.

However, if you have a new house and your contractor used your new furnace for heating during construction, (voiding the manufacturer warranty) you will most likely need a duct cleaning and a furnace and air conditioner evaporator coil cleaning.

If you have been doing some remodeling, have an older house, or have just moved to a new house where the previous owners didn’t keep the filters clean, you may want to consider a duct cleaning as well as a thorough furnace cleaning.

There are many factors that go into the pricing of residential heating and air conditioning equipment, including size of house, brand of equipment, and who you choose to install it.

Central Heating offers many system options ranging from $6,000 for smaller homes all the way up to $20,000 or more per system for larger homes.

Pricing can vary from home to home, which is why we offer free in-home estimates so that we can help you choose the system and price that is best for you.

Most of the training our technicians receive is on the job, passed down from Journeyman to Apprentice.

All Apprentices also receive 5 weeks of training per year for 4 years at the Sheet Metal Workers training facility in Butte.

Journeymen receive continuing education training throughout the year. This training facility is the only one of its kind in Montana.

All technicians receive specific training from our manufacturers at our shop and at their training facilities.

Yes, we offer financing through several third-party companies.

Throughout the year there are some great financing promotions for new equipment. We can also finance equipment repairs, if needed.

Cash, check, all major credit cards, and we can also finance new equipment and service work.

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