XC25 Air Conditioner

XC21 Air Conditioner

The XC25 is the finest air conditioner Lennox makes, and one of the main components of the Ultimate Comfort System™. It’s also compatible with the entire line of Dave Lennox Signature® Collection equipment, for truly unmatched comfort.

Discover absolute home comfort with the XC21, engineered for quiet and highly efficient operation. Exclusive SilentComfort™ technology works to maintain a more consistent temperature throughout your home, while helping to keep energy costs under control.

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XC20 Air Conditioner

XC16 Air Conditioner

Rated among the best for smart energy use. The XC20 is among the most energy-smart air conditioners on the market. Adjust cooling output like a dimmer switch to perfectly match your comfort needs to your energy use. This also helps control humidity with exacting precision.

The XC16 is engineered for efficient comfort inside and quiet performance outside. Multiple stages for all kinds of weather. The XC16 operates at its lower speed most of the time for the greatest energy savings. During periods of extremely hot weather, it ramps up to its higher speed to increase cooling power.