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Why Hyper-Heating Should Matter to You

When winter plunges you into the sub-zero territory, your primary heating source is not always enough to keep your house and family comfortable. Supplementing your existing oil, gas, propane, or wood system is a must, especially when temperatures drop to -5º F, -10º, and beyond. Hyper-Heating technology is designed to provide you with year-round comfort even in the dead of winter. Especially in the dead of winter.

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Hyper-Heating vs. Conventional Heat Pumps

Split-ductless heat pumps solved a big problem for people in temperate regions of the country. These systems, which feature an indoor and outdoor unit, allowed them to cool and heat their homes without the hassle, expense and inefficiency associated with furnaces, stoves, and other traditional air conditioning methods.

How do they work?

Heat pumps use refrigerants to transfer heat. In the winter, they absorb warmth from the outside air and transfer it inside. In the summer, they extract warmth from the home and transfer it outside.

Until now, these heat pumps left you out in the cold. Designed for moderate climates, traditional models can’t handle extreme temperatures. As sub-zero weather sets in, the refrigerant doesn’t work as efficiently. The pumps can’t bring in enough heat. Patented Hyper-Heating technology, allows for year-round comfort.

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M-Series Indoor Wall Mount

M-Series Indoor Wall Mount

This unit is designed to efficiently cool and heat larger zones, entire floors or whole homes as part of the DCS package. The pairing of the MVZ air handler with a high-performance multi-zone heat pump creates an efficient whole-home solution, offering complete year-round comfort control room by room.

MXZ Series Outdoor Unit

MXZ Series Outdoor Unit

The MXZ is an outdoor condenser that supports eight indoor units, allowing you to create a custom zoned heating and cooling system based entirely around the specific needs of your home. With a broad range of compatible indoor units and efficiency-boosting inverter technology, the MXZ is a smart addition for nearly any home.


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